Tuesday, January 9, 2018

happy new year!

We spent a nice Sunday cleaning our entire house (and the Saturday before too) in an attempt to rid our house of all the sicknesses that plagued us over Christmas and rested up for a party over at the Payne's residence. We played some games and ate some food and ended with a horn-blowing-terrible-idea by me where it nearly broke our ear drums because all of the children screaming into those horns at our 10PM countdown. Nielsens swept the giftcard standing competition, I was pretty damn good at Linkee (and Matt was really not ha!), Meg and CJ brought the heavenly guac, and Krystal nearly cramped up with her impressive one leg skills as she's 8+ months pregnant (and Devin worried about her.) A

 I look at these pictures and I still see us in the post-sickness haziness. We didn't do much on New Year's Day as we had already done most of the cleaning and getting ready to get back to work & school.

Oooh and Matt and I actually made it to Midnight just in time for the countdown and our 12 grapes and a lil smoochie smooch before we passed out tired. Grape pictures are really flattering on our faces. I like this guy.

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