Tuesday, July 25, 2017

april april what did we do

In April Matt and I celebrated a magical 10 years of marriage (HP! Florida!), purchased a trampoline & finished our fence, and completed the upstairs bathroom remodel (we kept the tub, but everything else was a full gut. Some of the handymen who've worked on our house before did this, and we're glad to have it done.) The boys each had spells of sickness and a lot of snot, but mostly we carried along with our bad selfs. Here is April Fool's Day where I got everyone with frozen cereal, giant eggs in the fridge, and then ice cream for breakfast! Also, Matt had blue hair for a day or two and then added pink to it and so rocked purple for most of the month.

We spent Conference Sunday at the cabin with cousins & family. Jell-o was a big hit as you can see, as well as 4-wheeler rides and newborn babies!

We had a lot of jammie jumps (it's a bribe to get the kids to get ready for bed quicker!), play dates & kid swaps to get stuff done, and we said goodbye to Talon (EZ's neighbor and preschool friend with Sophie & Addi too) a month before his pre-school group disbanded. The moms Johanna, Jonelle, and Jenna (triple Js!) and I had a great year of carpooling and playdates! Also Matt's office took us to the symphony and we had a nice little date night out at Abravanal Hall (with cheesecake dessert afterward.)
My wonderful friend Lisa had a birthday and we celebrated in her backyard with gelato and delicious cheese plates & B&W cookies. Love her so much and she encourages me to always be a better person. Great conversations with Michelle, Annie, Kersey, Lindsay, & other new friends too. Moana was a big theme, so that was great. Also, Matt went to a first round play-off game, and they made it thru first round (but were swept in 2nd.) Oh, and speaking of Moana - Leo turned five with a kangaroo zoo Moana party! Super fun and super sweaty.
We hiked to the suspension bridge to connect to Mother Nature one sabbath. Kids did great & we're always impressed with how they can hike if we keep spirits up and going. It's a cool bridge too. Then back home for cute brother bath time! (Look how EZ and Sully are in the middle of a convo. I like that. Also Mo's face!)

We did some happy surprises for Activity Days (based off ideas from Lisa's party) and also I got a bike! A nice white schwinn and Gary gave me his old trailer, so now we sometimes bike! EZ is rocking the training wheels, but getting faster and stronger every time we go out. He only has 1 month left of pre-k and is getting taller and thinner everyday. He's awesome. We're also still members at the TP, so we hit up the museums whenever we can (Dino roar!)
Sometimes I make really fancy lunches because I can. Moses likes the food and himself and climbing and all sorts of new things. Still not walking, but still a dreamboat. Oh, and he also smashed his face and got a gash above his eye, but thankfully no stitches needed and he's only left with a small scar.
Matt took EZ on a Daddy all day date (arcade, scooters at the park, mini-golf in some rain, movie, dinner! they did it all.) and here is a picture from EZ's rock climbing class. He still doesn't love to go high because he gets super nervous, but his skills are improving and it's cool to watch. Also, not many pictures of Sullivan this month, but he likes pizza and has a great face! And we hit the Tulip festival where EZ played photographer and snapped some nice pictures and even got all of my lady friends in one frame! Sometimes when Matt leaves for work I take a picture of him because I think he's handsome. And weird. And finally! We went to Kindergarten Orientation!! EZ the big kid is going to start in the fall and we're excited!

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