Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Harry Potter! Gators! Magic!

We celebrated our 10 year anni with a 4 day hit-it-or-quit-it trip to Orlando to visit the Wizarding World of HP! I have so many pictures and I'm going to share like every single one because this was simply the most fun trip and we want to remember every detail... so there's a ton. One of the best parts of the trip was actually preparing for the trip by reading the 1st HP to EZ (he was so cute about it!! "Harry's a WIZARD?!") and then Matt and I watched each movie again over the 2 months leading up to the trip. It was special and we spent a ton of dedicated time together geeking out over HP all over again (since our newly wed days when we bought 2 copies of book 7 so we could read them as fast as possible!) So by the time we were ready to leave, it already felt like we'd had special fun time together! We did a Thursday night to early Tuesday morning trip (thanks to Grandma Nell and Melina/Spencer for watching the kids!)

A red eye flight landed us in Orlando at 5 am (3 am our time ha!) and we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal, where they generously gave us our room and we got 30 minutes of sleep before hitting the park early for the extra magic hour (because we stayed at a hotel on site!)

It was so fun. The whole trip was amazing, but HP World was brilliant. We loved every.single.detail, the butter beer was exactly what we'd imagined and SUPER delicious, and the salted caramel ice cream was SO good too. Matching shoes because we're in love and nerdy! A+ to the world & the Gringotts ride, the rest of the rides were harder to handle because of the 3D or the roller coaster nature of them... and that was pretty much for all of Universal. The interactive wand was super fun & totally worth it. We spent 2 days at Universal (and that was plenty of time) and spend the majority of it in HP, but still hit almost every single ride in the rest of Universal (even if it made us sick! that Hulk roller coaster is nuts!) and lived it up for two days.

 Because of the extra hour in the morning, we had some of the places to ourselves for just a little bit of time (magic!) like Diagon Alley with NO ONE behind me!
 Watching Matt get serious about choosing a wand was cute. He was stoked about this whole process and it made everything extra fun.
We had rain the first morning when we landed, but the rest of the trip was wonderful weather with the last day being hottest at 90 degrees. 

 After Universal & HP world, we took Uber to an airbnb in Lake Mary (we stayed on a lake with the couple in the house), and we did a 10 mile kayaking tour on the 3rd day! On the Wekiva River with Adventures in Florida (excellent tour guides mind you), we saw dozens of alligators and birds & turtles, and had a fantastic day. Then we hit an early dinner and went back to the airbnb to use their canoe for sunset (we jumped in the lake! it was fun & also made us nervous!)

Then with one final day left we last minute decided to go to Disney World for the day to keep us super busy (we hit over 22k steps!) so we wouldn't allow ourselves to be tired. We didn't love it as much as we love Disneyland (it's just so big) and the lines were always crazy long, but with no kids and all the charm in the land for free churros and dole whip upgrades... we had ourselves a great time. And then we caught a plane at like 5 am to come home and took turns sleeping over the next few days playing catch up. 
Oh, and if all of these pictures aren't enough, I compiled a video of all the insta-stories we took since that's about all the footage I took as we gaped wide-eyed the whole trip ;) It's good to be married to Matt. We'll always have the magic, jurassic park, and the haunted mansion, and we're happier for it!

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