Tuesday, May 2, 2017

donut sales & a new trampoline

There once was a little boy who wanted a trampoline. He wanted one so badly, he was willing to sell his other backyard toys, earn some of the money, and also help build a new fence in order to obtain one. 

So he helped his parents gather the wood, cement the posts, and hammer the nails. And up sprang a new fence! And then he cleaned his toys and sandbox out, and with his mother's help he sold all of them on the internet. Lastly, he needed some of his own money. So he put on a Donut & Milk sale and worked all afternoon until every last donut was sold (4 dozen!)

And within 35 days of setting the goal, the Trampoline was obtained. All rejoiced and bounced and have continued to do so every day since.

 Proud of EZ (and us as parents!) for sticking to the goal, putting in the work & time, and keeping us all on track. It's been a very fun addition to our back yard and will continue to pay off for years to come I'm sure sure sure.

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