Tuesday, May 2, 2017

a version of biscuits

We've been watching The Great British Bake-off sometimes on the 'ol Netflix, and since basically you're just staring at food for an hour, it usually means we want to bake something ourselves if we've binged watched it for 3 hours in a row on a very lazy weekday. I wasn't in a particularly good mood, but we made it work even with some outbursts from all parties involved. 

We made "biscuits" so basically sugar cookies but we called them biscuits because we were being authentic to the Brits on the show. I wanted some cute pictures of them in their cute aprons my friend Lisa made for me as Vday presents (she's a talented seamstress for hire!) and so I took some of the whole event. I'll never tire of EZ's enthusiasm or Sully on his tiptoes sneaking every lick or taste along the way. 
 (more accurate representation of my bad attitude is in the picture below ha)
 but they enjoyed it and so I guess even with some cuss words and yelling, we can still have a nice outcome with the crew.
we put some strawberry jam on them and they were actually quite tasty for a bunch of Americans pretending to be British bakers.

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