Wednesday, April 12, 2017

sully the big boy

right after his 3rd birthday (and we finished the bathroom reno so we had a toilet upstairs again), we decided it was time for sully to ditch diapers. and he was cool with it and it was maybe even easier than ez? or maybe similar in the easiness of it. he only had a few accidents and even those wouldn't qualify as too terrible, and three days in he decided no diapers at night either and has been fine ever since.

now that he's three, sullivan seems to know it's fine to grow up into boyhood from toddlerhood. his body is thinning out and he's losing his baby fat, he speaks more clearly and has a lot to say. he and ez play better and better, and he simply knows how to hang. he says funny stuff all the time and has this accent where he's trying to say bear but pronounces it 'beer' and erika is 'eerika'. it's awesome.

look how hard he had to focus to get his thumbs up correct! ha!
 he earned a trip to cold stone for staying dry for 3 days straight, so we took him and he had his fave of cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate chips (or sometimes gummy bears.) What a babe. And here are some cute hippie pictures before we chopped his hair. sure love this ham.

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