Wednesday, April 12, 2017

march march what did we do

March started with nice weather and basically continued all month. We took the kids on a date night to Scheels for all the fun things & mini bowling. I also deleted all of my social apps and it was weird and awesome and I made the joke over and over that if I didn't share what I was doing on the medias did I even exist? Ha. It was a good break and needed and I got a bunch of house stuff & photo book stuff done (bathroom is painted & remodeled, doors downstairs are painted, so many photobooks were made... and I guess some real hard core quality time with the children and Matt too. oh, and I read some books.)

Matt live-streamed his 3D modeling every Thursday night for the month, we had an embarrassing moment where we thought a whole bunch of stuff was stolen from our porch (and then we found it all in the back yard three days later... whoops.) And we organized and cleaned our office out so we can officially share the room and keep it clean and maintained (well, you know, as best as we do. which is better than we've ever been at it before! progress not perfection in the cleaning department.)

Mini bowling & shaggy haired kids.

It started to get warm and so we hit up the parks on the reg. Also... I don't know why, but this picture below on the right is taken by EZ and it's me putting my pants on... and I love it so much?? ha. Mostly because that's what I sincerely look like to my kids and how they'll probably remember me and maybe how I remember myself when I think about it too. A little tired, flannel shirt, semi decent 2nd or 3rd day hair, and still smiling at least a little. It's the little things.  Also EZ got new glasses (but they're too heavy for playing around, so he needs a sportier pair) but he's SO cute with them. And he's practicing his big bike and might try without training wheels this year.

EZ's art is getting better and better (and he's getting good at following instructions from the online class we sometimes do!) Sully avoids bedtime and then falls asleep in random places the next day too often still. Our schedules are getting busier, but we still find time to play at Melina's house whenever we can because #sistersandcousins are the best. And Cass came out with the boys and we played and played while they were here (bounce houses & downtown train rides with museums with Grandpa!) Cassie & Mark are joining the Three Boy Club this June, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

We hung out with cousin Leo more regularly and it was super fun all month. Wrestling ended and the disgusting staff infection finally went away (ew ew ew.) EZ won his last match and was super pumped at the end of the season (and for the swimming party and medal too.) We also did our best to capture the jumping off the couch pictures that they ask me to take all the time.
 Church pictures when we stayed in the hall since we were late and also Matt was at home with a nauseatingly terrible 7 hour migraine. So rough. But the kids were freaking cute with their new haircuts. And I subbed for EZ's class that day so I took pictures of all the cute neighbor kids together since I love where we live and love their kids too. Sunday art day with family chalk art by EZ. And a lot of good 'ol movie and show times with messy table for at least half of it.

We spend a lot of time in the car, and last month was no exception. Moses happened to sit in a forward facing chair for one or two of the rides, and as you can see he hated it. His dimple!! Such a gift. The boys wrestled in the nude per usual and Matt and I attended a 16th row Jazz game with Melina & Spencer that was super fun. They even shared 4 m&ms with us! (we're still laughing at this.)
 I edited a bunch of videos and stuff (including some birth videos! should I start doing more of them?? I don't know, but I do love them.) Moses making that face is pretty great. And I hung out with a bunch of girlfriends and took pictures of it last month too. Morgan! Krystal Mel and Meg! and Lisa and our jr. park rangers too!

It was a solid month and probably felt like one of our most productive and awesome months ever. We were so busy with holiday stuff Dec - Feb, so it felt good to get work done and stay home and hunker down to business this month. The boys are good and growing and only eating a little bit of blue play-doh, so we're golden.

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