Wednesday, April 26, 2017

easter holidaze 2017

We did the egg dyeing and the appropriate amount of egg eating the week before Easter, and it was great even with the constant interruptions from a cranky one year old (teething shmeething.) 

 Then Easter morning brought a very wonderfully rhymed easter basket hunt all over the house, and all were rewarded with jelly beans and chocolate and some book reading. We also watched some videos of Christ and talked about the meaning behind resurrection and new life and springtime. And EZ gave a nice poem for a Talk in church later that day.
We headed to the church with our new dragon friends and Mo baby sort of wants to walk when we force him, but not really so much at all actually. He's completely content crawling around and getting smooshed by his brothers. EZ's little handywork with a picture of me and Matt is quite good, no? Church was a wonderful sacrament meeting program with the RS presidency speaking on Christ and women and discipleship. Probably one of the best meetings I've been to on Easter Sunday and I'm grateful we attended to hear the words of those women.

We stayed home the rest of the afternoon and ate dinner together and family cuddled through a movie. Then we headed to the Thorup's for an egg hunt and squirt fight that was exceptionally thrilling! And EZ showed off his sick monkey bar skills and impressed us all. Wonderful day to celebrate together and practice love and kindness (and fun!)

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