Wednesday, April 12, 2017

dino park visit

We had a pass expiring to the Ogden Dinosaur Park, so I took the boys up for a day adventure last month. Mo wasn't thrilled with the electronic dinosaurs, but the boys made sure we stayed and analyzed the whole situation a few times before heading outside. 

We played on the parks and walked the paths and enjoyed a nice brisk day. This swing randomly broke while I was pushing Moses, and it swung him sideways on a forward push and he got nailed by the front post... it was super sad. Maintenance guy felt super bad and said he'd fix it (but it was probably a freak accident since I have no idea how it happened either.) Moses had a pretty big fat lip and was sad for 15 minutes, but then we rallied with some sand eating and duck watching and all was well. I totally swore super loud and was pretty scared myself after it happened so I had to call Matt to calm down, because it was a startling parenting moment.
(we have almost this same picture with daddy two years back! fun.)

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