Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sully turns THREE!

Sully turned THREE last month and it was party party party with that kid! Ice cream cones at the family dinner the night before, a very Ninjago birthday morning with a huge donut (that no one finished because that sucker was ruh-ich, followed by a friend Ninja party, with a little lunch break for play-doh and then straight on to Classic Skating as a family (Mos stayed with a neighbor.) Grandma Nell made enough ninja balloon swords for everyone (it was an epic battle, and not a single kid cried so HELLO, win.) Matt set up a very spectacular obstacle course, I had all of the snack plates pre-made and it was seamless, and Sullybear felt spoiled and special. Maybe the most successful party we've ever done (or it's just memory loss because as parents, I find we are always saying the most recent thing we're doing is the best haha.) Sully has 4 kids in a weekly play group, so they came as well as some cousins and Rachel's boys too. Full house is how we prefer it around here.
 (they all dressed in red like the Red Ninjago Ninja Kai. It was cute how excited EZ and Sully were to match and how they wanted to all be red together (and made sure Mo matched too.) There were a few moments reminding EZ to celebrate Sully (not complain it wasn't his birthday), but mostly we all party'd hard and enjoyed the chaos together. Since it's the third birthday after a season of holidays, we sure felt like we were going out with a bang.

 We had everyone sound asleep by 8pm because we were all super tired from the day, but it was full and awesome and just right for Sullivan.

Sully is great. Just this week (almost a month after his birthday) he's potty training and doing so like a champ. He says super awesome stuff like "I want to chomp something" or "That poo looks like a snake!" before he flushes. He is almost always the first boy awake in the house and lives for a good bowl of sugary cereal. He still cries the loudest & longest if something is wrong, but is learning to calm down with big deep breaths and talking it out easier each time. He and EZ fight and love just like good brothers do, and he still naps a few times a week (which I'm hoping to keep up all year, especially when EZ is in afternoon kindergarten in the fall... we'll see.)

We just cut off all his long hair and he looks a little less like his mother... but still resembles a mini Carla with his looks & his mannerisms so so much. He is sensitive and loves to hug and kiss Moses (and EZ if he ever lets him.) He's somewhat timid to try new things and often needs a helping hand to start new situations, but warms up quickly once he's invested. He loves his cousin "Wucy" and when you ask his name he'll say it's Suwwy David very matter of factly. He loves his nursery teachers and often asks if church is closed or can we go there? He's getting quite adept at Lego building and can pretend and story play along with the big kids. He loves to go "fwimming" and down "fwides" and loves candy and treats a lot a lot. He asked for a "blue and a red and a white cake" for his birthday and weekly asks for donuts or when we can go get donuts next. He's really fast on his scooter and is learning to ride his new tricycle fast too. He's good at driving EZ's big four wheeler and has a fun menacing face when he's going fast. He asks me to take his picture all the time and does the best posing with his hands when I take one. His favorite color is blue, he is "fwee" years old, his favorite food is "ife cream and candy", and he wants a water trampoline this year in our back yard.

We love you Sullivan!! Party on, dude!

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