Wednesday, March 29, 2017

st patrick's '17

Matt and the kids concocted a trap that had a swinging door that was supposed to capture the leprechaun, but that pesky little creature cut a hole in the box and got away! EZ was mostly relieved since I think it made him nervous thinking about actually catching one... but he already has ideas for next year so I'm sure it'll be tops once more. The pesky leprechaun even tried to toilet paper us and left these ridiculous hats. (Also, Matt decided to try blue hair for part of March!) I love this holiday because it's easy to make it fun, and then it's no pressure for the rest of the day because breakfast has already been a hit.  I was actually up until like 3am since Emily's baby boy was born early that morning, so we stayed home and I even snuck in a nap too. You can even peak Mo's third bottom tooth making an appearance on that last picture too. 

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