Wednesday, March 29, 2017

february february what did we do

I already blogged about the big stuff like Birthdays and babies and Vday for February, so this is the other stuff that happened that last month that's noteworthy. EZ had a field trip with his Preschool class to the aquarium, so we tagged along for the morning to explore. Playdates each week after Preschool have been SO good this year, with each of us taking a turn and then three weeks off in between. The kids love each other and it's been a good year for all. 

 EZ's handwriting and letter skills are getting real cute up in here, and the colored cupcakes and colored hair for February were superb. Grandma Nell was in AZ for Mo's birthday, but we facetime'd and tried to lick the phone too. We gutted most of the bathroom (and two months later it's alllllmost finished) and had to fix subflooring and all sorts of stuff to make it sturdy after cracked tile and toilet leaks plagued for years. Redbeard & redbeard looking cute as HELL. EZ's friend Emma came back to Utah for an HP birthday party and Sully always says "take a pichur of me!" in the most random places (like the toothpaste isle.) It also teased us with some warmer days and we hit the park, where Moses isn't afraid of diving head first down slides and I had to use the Mother Lunge skills I've picked up over the years a few times. You know, where only a Mother can Lunge as far and deep and quick as needed to save the child from certain injury. Pretty great.

 Rac and I have a lot of blonde children whenever we go anywhere together ha! And we're still rocking the nearly-twin life with matching clothes and hair ourselves ;) EZ did wrestling all month and won his first and last matches, but also got a bout of Roseola virus in the middle and then a icky staph infection up his nose (prob from those yucky mats) so we were all SUPER glad when it was over. Lots of time at home and indoors as we painted new doors downstairs and played made up games on the bed. Also mixed in some scooter rides when it was warm enough. We doubled up on the wellness checks for Mos and Sully and both are healthy and growing and awesome. Big and sturdy and everyone always comments on how heavy our children are (they look like they're not, but they actually are very substantial.) EZ took a trip just after for a fever and the staph, so it was probably our sickest month of the winter with some snot and coughing too.
 Moses doesn't show any interest in walking, but he is very capable at climbing on everything, especially that dishwasher extraordinaire. EZ loves crafts and is pretty good at staying focused when he's creating something. Sully got the Pie Face game for his birthday and he did NOT want to be pie'd and had this face for most of the time... so he didn't ever have it happen. I have some pretty good video of EZ enjoying the daylights out of it though. Fun fun month, but boy after the holidays then three birthdays... we were all ready for some quiet in March.

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