Thursday, February 9, 2017


Well, we did it. We went to Disneyland one last time with Matt's last employee tickets and we are officially not going back for free anytime soon. The end of an era. Sad. (but also fun because now we can plan a variety of other family trips since this one won't be such a good deal!)

We also went to Legoland and the beach with friends! Made a whole family trip out of it, since we only had 2 days of Disney planned. We took 2 days driving to California so it wasn't rushed, and we had some fun stops on the way (Peggy Sue's and Route 66 and Bottletree Ranch!)
 I mean... this might be my fave of the trip ... the kids with their hands up as we drove Route 66 just minutes after finishing watching Cars... they just know nothing but joy and being present. It's amazing.
 BottleTree Ranch art installation. Spent 25 minutes here just wandering. Super pretty.
 We stayed a night at the Legoland Hotel before we went to the park, and it was super fun. The pool was a little chilly... but we still did it because we'd been driving all day. The elevator disco party and the treasure hunt was tops, as well as the pirate theme of the room.
Legoland was fun (we even met up with some friends from home!) but it was a little bit disappointing because of random rules about parents having to ride or needing to be 4 even though Sully was tall enough, and it just didn't seem easy with young children in tow (which is random because it's made for small children..) I wanted to like it more, but I doubt we'll go back sadly. They did have a delicious buffet at the hotel though! And it was fun for a day - so maybe we would!? Matt probably would say no, and I would try to convince us to give it another chance and then be disappointed again ha. 
We slept a few nights at Jonny & Melyssa's and it was super fun with their kids (they all get along so well and it was a non stop party!) Fun day on the beach with nice warm weather. We had to quarantine Moses to his stroller though because he wouldn't stop eating sand.

We hit up Goofy's Kitchen buffet the night before Disneyland so we wouldn't have to take much time to hit characters while in the park. It was decent food (Legoland was better actually) but the atmosphere was great and the kids loved it. Well, Moses loved it once he got a lot of food in him, but he sure did NOT like Dale. Look how he turned away in fear! haha.
 And then - the park! It was beautiful weather and we had a great time (even had some of the park to ourselves part of the time... it was weird because we happened to be one step ahead of the crowds for most of the day.) First ride of the trip was Casey Jr by ourselves! So bizarre, I think the 40 minute wait for Peter Pan distracted all the people.
  I like finding photos that EZ took.... ha.
 Minnie and Mickey! Everyone loves these two (and LOOK at EZ's foot pop! ha!)
 Love this hat picture so much.
And this one... Disneyland with three kids was fun, but like, a lot of work and chaos.

 There were some hiccups that were unexpected this time, like EZ being terrified on so many of the rides (actually, we couldn't even get in lines for Pirates or Cars before he started melting down and so we didn't end up doing them.) It was a buzzkill because we were sort of thinking we'd do rider swap with EZ, but he didn't like any of it and so we just went by ourselves (still fun, but less so!) Oh well. He doesn't have to love the rides I guess... (Matt says he does, so we'll have to make it happen somehow!) Sully falling asleep with the buzz toy is so classic. Moses loved it all and was happy or sleeping the whole time.

And we ended the nights with sleeping children (EZ's long legs are amazing!!), and the final night a little takeout from Tony Roma's before we drove home the next day.

OH! And we only stopped ONCE in St George because we wanted to get home as soon as possible so watched like 5 movies and snacked and snacked and it was the best. But look at how HAPPY Moses was to get out of the car in St George after like 5 1/2 hours! Haha. He was FILTHY and covered in stickiness from all the treats I kept giving him to keep him happy. WORTH IT.

Phew. That was a long post and a long trip and both equally exhausting. But fun! I love it all and am so happy we have these years to look on. We'll go back... but maybe not for a few years if we can resist the magical urge.

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