Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moses turns 1!

LOOOK at this sweet little face. Sort of sick, sort of pink eye, but just deliciously sweeeet. We celebrated a little at the grandparent's house on superbowl sunday Oh! and matt has pink hair! cute babe.) Mos attacked the colorful cupcake that the boys labored to make him casually and efficiently. 

Then on his real birthday (the 6th!) we mostly took it easy because he was still sort of sick, but we did our best to party for him anyway. Balloons in the crib is always a hit and there must be donuts or it isn't a real birthday at our house. The boys picked out presents and he got a little tikes car too (we've never owned one and felt like it was time!)
 (a little blurry but oh well, self timer doesn't always crush it.) (also, can we talk about how sully pulls the best faces for pictures!? he continues to be like a mini chris farley, no?)

Oh, and hi there cute baby. Moses has 6 teeth, is crawling but not standing or walking. He sleeps like a freaking champ and mostly eats whatever is in front of him (but still doesn't love anything too sweet.) He is quiet and so happy to be anywhere playing around and crawling and sometimes just squawking at us. He looks a lot like EZ but has his own little look too. He loves putting his whole hand in your mouth to try to get to your tongue and is handy at finding all the tiny things on the floor. He is delicious and smells just right, and has soft soft skin that makes you want to skin to skin all the time with the nekked bugger. One year old seems like such a baby still, but I can already see how he's trying to turn the toddler up a notch. He hasn't quiet mastered how to turn around on the top of the stairs, but will go down correctly as long as he's been placed correctly. His laugh is kind of deep yet pitchy, and he observes before smiling within large crowds. He still acts like a mama's boy, but not all the time and mostly loves whoever he's with. His personality seems chill and his behavior is almost always going with the flow, even when he's stretched too far or hungry or tired when we're on the move. He isn't great at sleeping long naps on the go, but that doesn't matter so much since even when you think he might be cranky, he isn't. He is beloved by all of us and we were so happy to celebrate him. We ended the day with a trip to the library with a Scales & Tails show (mostly for the big kids, but Mos liked to crawl around and be out!) We love this boy so much. Happiest birthday Mosey boy!

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