Saturday, February 25, 2017

matty's birthday

32! Matt turned another year older and we celebrated how we do, with donuts. And a few presents and family snug time and stuff like that. And cute kids.

We did an over nighter the day before his birthday in Ogden Canyon with 2 days of snowboarding at Snow Basin (we hadn't been in 10 years ahem ahem) and it was suuuuuper fun. Thankfully we both remembered how to do it, and also spending time alone is like the fuhreaking best. I love him and I like him and it's nice to celebrate him each year as he's aging like a fine wine. Tops: Strawberry run when the sun came out, quietly being with each other and eating whenever we wanted without sharing, stealing kisses and joking together. Mehs: Subpar sushi, getting stuck in too much pow pow, the terrible bed at the bed n breakfast. Happy to see what 32 does with ya Matticus!

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