Saturday, February 25, 2017


after church last week, when we all were in shades of blue. to note:

*Sully's face. These are his go-to poses and faces. He is great. And loves nursery and "heaber" his leader. He's one of the oldest in there and is learning to run the show. Also, at the park the other day I over heard him saying "You can do it, Sully David! You can do it." as he climbed something new. Way to go, kid. You really can do it.

*EZ's cheer. Always a cheerer that one. Also, I over heard him talking about sentences while doing his online school Upstart, and he said under his breath "it's gotta be the one with the mystery mark!" and he was referring to the sentence with a question mark! A mystery mark?? That's cute. He's nicer to Moses than he is to Sully, but I catch them playing and laughing all the time so I don't believe he has a favorite brother.

*Mo's what-the-devil-are-you-guys-doing perma face. Always goes along for the ride, even when he's unsure about the details. Also, he's got great lips and has started waving with his wrist bending all the way and it's impossible not to smile and cheer him on. Try it. Impossible.
 Matt's pink hair is growing out nicely (and in case we're all wondering, he did it for fun. No other reason. He's random and wanted to do something weird, so this was it. We like it.) Church isn't always our favorite place for a variety of reasons (crazy crazy comments being one of them guh), but this week was alright. We should probably always match, because that's a sure fire way to get spirits up around these parts.

Also it's funny that we're blue (only in color!) because this hasn't been our week and so it's probably not only in color right this minute. Expensive packages were stolen from our front porch, our bathroom vanity order was cancelled (we're re-doing our bathroom upstairs and we're like a month behind which is pretty standard for home reno projects, but still. we need a toilet upstairs and are tired of only having one, and also would like to potty train sully but we can't when we don't have a toilet upstairs.) So I thought the vanity would be here yesterday, but nope, not even ordered. So I did the reorder and now it's coming just another week. And a small new chip in our windshield that we just noticed has spread across the whole front and so now we need a whole new windshield. Blerg. Not our week.

But oh well. It's a good reminder to not sweat the stuff, small or big. And even if you cry a little, at least try to laugh as much. And we always have each other! Or something like that.

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