Saturday, February 25, 2017

a very ninjago V-day

This year officially starts the Valentine Boxes for our family as EZ needed one for Preschool, but I do have to say we loved doing it and it's one thing that Matt will always help and therefore they will always look good ha! Lego Ninjago is big around the house, so that's what we went for (and they'll double as decorations for Sully's Bday what up.) They showed them off to everyone who came over and they're still showing up as a centerpiece on our table.

Valentine's brought special breakfast and candy and cool heart glasses. Matt handed WWE Valentine's out at work and it was a real good joke for us, and we laughed til we cried over some of the absurdity of our joke skills later that night.
I took the boys swimming that afternoon at an indoor pool, then EZ went to his rock climbing class before we shared heart shaped pizza & rootbeer and watched Matilda as a family all snugged on the couch. And Matilda the movie holds up! I remember loving it and EZ loved it too (and Sully did but was nervous for some of it so he likes to talk about that instead.) Matty and I snuck out on the 13th for a Sushi lunch date and even did some love spreading with a giftcard and some trickery. Heeeeeeeeyyyyy ;) Little loveheads.

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