Wednesday, December 21, 2016

visiting Kanab & sanddunes

My Great Grandma Judd lived in Kanab for nearly her whole life (and she lived to be 101!) and Matt nor my kids had ever visited, so we made a few day trip out of it (stopping in Zion on the way down for family pictures) right before Thanksgiving of this year. There's the K in the background of my face! We hiked (most of) Squaw Peak until the kids had had enough, and on the hike back down EZ and Sully piped in about what "powers" we could use to get out of sticky situations. There were some real gems in that conversation! Stuff like "moon power is the best power because it's the strongest" and "I'd use gust power to blow the boat all the way to the middle of the ocean" to rescue a stranded boat, and even more that I wish I could remember. His imagination and skills are super awesome right now, and even Sully is getting into it more, making the family conversations much more interesting with a variety of topics. We stayed in a new Hotel right across the street from where Great Grandma's house used to be (they tore it down and built a theater for plays & movies in 2002 - the year after she died, but as you'll see from pictures below - they have a wall dedicated to her legacy!) The kids were mostly stoked about the swimming, because that's the whole point of traveling anyway... the hotel pool ;) 

We tried to go to the Animal Sanctuary but ended up not driving through it, and then headed out to spend a few hours at the Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park. It was a crisp sunny day, but perfect weather to bundle up and play in the sand. The kids loved it, we ran around and up and down hills, and Moses only ate a little bit before he realized he'd rather roll around in the softness than continue eating it. And since it was before Thanksgiving, we had zero crowds and no traffic, so it was nice and quiet (besides our kids... who are loud ha!)
Here are some of the pictures from the Crescent Moon Theater, and if you ever visit- check it out and think about my Moses Judd and our family history! Or not, but you could!
 Her house is the one right above my head, and we stayed there whenever we drove to AZ in the summertime. We visited Aunt Alice's ranch and had Judd reunions once or twice with matching shirts. Her house smelled so old, and the grocery store right down the street brought back some olfactory memories! My Grandma Geraldine is in the pictures with her siblings too (my Great Grandpa Alvin died early on, so she was widower for many years.) It was really fun to show it all to my boys (and then go back to the hotel and swim and watch movies. Once again... highlights of trips (eyeroll.))

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