Saturday, December 10, 2016

park days with my boys

Draper park in September (right around when we started experiencing colder days.) This was Mo's first time on the swing and he loved it and laughed super hard when EZ would push him. Also a big deal, EZ learned to pump! He was out back at Grandpa's house and it clicked, and then he said "The holy ghost taught me!" It was funny. Also of note: Sully's grumpy face, EZ wanting to include Moses so he kept having me put him on his lap for the slide, Mo's hoodie face (and he couldn't move so he just sat there so happy!) and EZ's cute face with his eyes nearly healed just a few weeks after surgery. It's nice when we have no agenda and we're all in a good mood (me included) so we'll swing as long as they want and play nicely. I can tell these are the days I'll miss as they grow up.


Another golden day from September was when we went to play at the Thanksgiving Point gardens. We spent the first half with some friends, but after they left we stayed to play on the hills until it started raining.

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