Monday, December 19, 2016

October october 2016

Sullivan is resisting naps (or I have to bribe him with candy or fruit snacks) but he falls asleep in the best places all over the house. This was especially great in the middle of a toy-nado (one of my friends taught me that one!) with a soggy diaper on the carpet. At least he missed the hard floor. Also, Moses has a drinking buddy with Olive (rac's baby girl!) and they're only 3 weeks apart and it's cute. I don't usually watch TV by myself, but I have to document how much I loved Jane the Virgin. Drama! Tele-novelas! Matt walked in and within 2 minutes saw me laughing and crying and then gasping... it was awesome. Moses is best served nekked and chewing on his toes. And we are a scooter gang! I got an adult sized one for my B-day and it's seriously the best. We scoot all the time together and I can tell the cpw on it is going to be reeeal nice. 

 On occasion, I get to spend some one on one time with my baby. He's amazing and edible and I watched him wake up this time and he was simply magic. It didn't last too long until the others swarmed, but having an 8 month old baby is one of the sweetest ages. Pure magic and squish and he thought my mouth and tongue were the most interesting thing he's ever seen. (Also.. sometimes we look alike! but he also looks just like Matt depending on the angle. And he most definitely looks like EZ.)
 We hit the zoo with cousins for Easton's 2nd birthday and it was the perfect afternoon with weather and company. (Maggie turned two just a month later!)  I also misplaced Sullivan for 4 minutes too long, and this is not the first time it's happened at the zoo either. Must keep an eye on that middle child! We also stayed home a lot, went on walks, built things with magnets and lego bricks, and dressed up for fun as well as halloween. We had family parties at the park and Mos snugg'd with baby Everest who is nearly rounder than my baby!
 Mos didn't grow any teeth, so is still the gummiest baby around. Our laundry machines broke, so we did a week at the laundromat, went over two weeks without clean clothes until we were wearing the back of the closet garments, and then had two new machines delivered (as well as a dishwasher!) What a glorious time to be me.

 We Halloween'd Pokemon style with Charmander, Pikachu, and a Jigglypuff this year (and Matt and I had big plans, but ended up with our trusty dragon heads) and we cornbelly'd it up the whole month - and Matticus even joined us on the last night of the year! It's such a fun tradition and the boys look forward to it all year I swear. (Fun fact, Matt and I met 15 years ago and we had a fun little flirtation in a corn maze way back then, and so we got fond memories of being back in one this year... although the flirting was minimal as we were both carrying children the majority of the time! ha)
 Oh, here I am feeling tired. Of children, of cooking, of all the things there are to do. That happens at least once or twice a month. It's exhausting, this life thing. But then I look down and see Sully and I have the same straight line in our hand, and it's all good. Being tired is fine if the rest of the time it's filled with pantsless children and squishy cheeks.
 Primary program Sunday and carving pumpkins with uncle Josh (and we made EZ touch the guts, and he was grossed out of course) and then finally, Halloween day. Parade, scooting, lunch at Matt's work, trick or treating with neighbor friends, and plenty of candy at bedtime. Phew. That was a good month, but I do remember feeling quite exhausted by the end of it. October is always so full and we hit it hard, so it's always nice to welcome November in with a slower pace.

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