Saturday, December 24, 2016

November november 2016

In November... we hustled. We crafted and Moses got into everything he could roll to (but by the end was crawling!)  I went to a book reading for One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly (by Ashmae) and it was beautiful and the entire book is Poetry and I'd recommend to everyone. We jumped in leaves and did fall things like stay outside and go to Thanksgiving Point and up the mountains for a hot second here and there too. 

Moses is SO CUTE. Sleeping, awake, he's edible and amazing and still didn't have any teeth until half way through November at 9.5 months old. Also, Sully ran around in the buff sometimes and also tried to poop on the toilet a few times too, so that was awesome (although we aren't giving up diapers yet because they're so easy!)

 Sully fell asleep in such random places, makes me think I should have put him to nap a few more times than I did... whoops. We also played with Lego bricks a lot, so that was fun.

 I have so many wonderful girlfriends. From neighborhood to internet, they're all great and I'm glad to know them and love them. This one was Mel's surprise Zumba birthday and the next one was an internet gathering of the best of the best!

November also brought Election Day... I felt a lot of feelings on Election Day. It has been a freakin' trip with so much hate and terrible things on both sides, and Trump won and we're dealing with all that that means. Hm.

Art door from October, reading books with dad and getting climbed on is so normal, and I always take a picture when EZ and Sully are playing quietly and kindly together... so there's that. Maggie turned 2 with a fun Monster Inc. party and Moses was cute and Sully kept falling asleep in random places. 

 First snow day of the year! Brotherly love and squishes and the bear suit is back! Sleeping baby boy and church boys and cute kids all around. We went to an archery course for mama DaNell's birthday and ate cheesecake.

Thanksgiving at Dee Dee's where EZ diligently made turkey hands for nearly everyone there (with Cailin's help!) And then we had a 2nd T-day with the Thorup's and Matt made a bird and David and Carole threw a raging party and sweet EZ hand wrote all of the place cards in his cutest handwriting.
 Moses officially started crawling! He's fast and awesome and it's great. And Sully, once again, found random places to fall asleep.
 Brother tubby time! It's so cute even though they're so big they're starting not to fit.
Dates with Matty actually happened this month to Sundance brunch and Post Modern Jukebox concert! Love that boy. He also went to some conference in California and met cool people and was recognized as Redbeard for his zBrush tutorials and because he's cool and sometimes I guess he's ok at art ;) Here's Ms Feb the biker babe from his latest tutorial and a random sketch. 
'Twas a good month.

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