Tuesday, December 27, 2016

family photos 2016

It's been four years since we've had a professional take our family pictures, and boy howdy it was nice. Sarah of Sodabee Photography took them (she's talented and my rowdy friend to boot) and it was low key and fun and no one cried because we were just outside and hiking and having a good time. Sarah really wanted to shoot in Zion and since we love Zion, I said we would make it happen (and we did - by waking up at 4:30am and driving straight there before our Kanab stay!)

I love Moses and his happy to be here attitude (and his cute dimples when they show up.) I love Sully's scampy face and how committed he was to sticks, digging in the dirt, and appreciating nature. I love EZ's kooky camera faces since he is such a ham and always makes weirdo faces (and also his jumps! he has the skinniest legs and his jumps are amazing.) I love Matt. Period. He's fantastic and wonderful and handsome and kind and I am thankful he's my partner in this. I love myself because I look super good in my single shots and I didn't stress over the details and just made this happen. And I love Sarah because she captured us even on a very bright un-forgiving sunny day and also was our pack mule since we couldn't have ugly things in our shots (because we needed water and snacks and someone had to carry them.)

We hiked the trail from the Grotto to Lower Emerald Pools and it was so good. We'd actually never done it before, but for sure will again! Such a good day.  (Not sure these photos uploaded very well... not sure why because sometimes they look blurry small or on a phone!? Blerg.)

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