Saturday, December 10, 2016

EZ starts Preschool!

EZ started preschool! He's social and a chatterbox and never stops asking questions. He lives for a party or an event or a theme, and also loves to participate in anything that's happen (also experiences fomo like his mom!) He goes twice a week at the HS and it was quite nostalgic to walk through the same halls where I went. His teacher Maddie is a babe from our neighborhood & he has a crew of three other kids (Talon, Addie, & Sophie) who carpool & playdate and are little buds. Since EZ could have gone to kindy this year, he's nearly a head taller than a lot of the kids but we're glad we made this decision for long term. He always always has to be the first or thinks his stuff is the best and has a bit of an inflated ego, but I think he's also learning how to cope with not getting his way all the time (oyy, sometimes this kid has tantrums or freaks out and we're all unsure how to handle it!)

His cute smiling smirk is the best. He chose his Vader T for the first day and marches right in every day with confidence. Along with this preschool, he's doing the online Upstart program (and it's interesting to observe him at home learning online to see what things he may be naturally good at like songs and maybe have to work harder at - like focusing and paying attention.)

 And this was probably his second day or something and he looked so cute and old that we took a few more pictures for his compulsive mother.

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