Thursday, December 29, 2016

December december 2016

I did it! I caught up for the year before it's actually over! Now to do the same with photo books (three years behind) and family video compilations ... oy. Always something.

So here's a lil December recap (minus Christmas day) from our month. 
New matching jams on December 1st (from Mrs Claus who hooked us up off and on all month! she even gave us an assignment to adopt another family and dropped off a new TV for our bedroom. woman knows how to LIVE.) We had a friend party at classic skating that was very successful, another year of fantastic book clubs for my neighbor friends, lots of naked babies and brother snugs, kid art always around the house (EZ is getting so good!),  and helping Grandpa put up his train this year too. Oh, and sleeping Sully per usual. 

 Moses looked adorable all month, like usual. We also got 16 can lights put in our front room and OH MY GOSH it's amazing. It's like living in an art gallery because it's so bright. How we've lived with only dim lamp light for 7 years is baffling, but it's sure made us feel grateful for light. And my mother made playdoh and it's been nice to sit down and play for hours together all month.

Rudolph noses and the annual Christmas Tree Hunt (the banter was especially on par this year.) We put the tree right in the middle of the room so we could buy a 9 footer!

 My friend Lisa threw an epic Gilmore Girl's party the week after the Year in the Life came out... Matt and I enjoyed so much of the new show (and hated so much of it too.) Rory still sucks, we're glad to see Luke & Lorelai back together... and Paris was THE best. But also so was Lisa for throwing this party.

 Every morning we turn on the Christmas tree lights and lounge before we do anything else. It's something we'll def miss when Jan hits. Moses is eating plenty and has two bottom teeth and four on the way up on top. He's always so happy and easy to please. My mom's christmas party was great & also a visit to Gardner Village with Melina & crew too.

Christmas lists and seeing the Claus crew and visiting downtown was fun and wonderful. Just like how wonderful EZ is when he's excited about something (it was tree day at preschool on the picture down below.)

Post Christmas holiday week with Matty off work means a lot of play time for all of us. EZ has been taking a rock climbing class for a few months and the kid is getting so good! It's super fun to watch his progress (he's a lot further along than either Matt or myself! I need a weekly class stat.) And sledding! So fun this year with the snow from Christmas morning.

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