Monday, December 19, 2016


I turned 32 on Oct 3rd! I made a video as a personal project, we spent the day before in Midway watching Gen Conf with the fam, and the actual day was spent with my boys and some friends. Penny Ann's Cafe is delicious, my mani/pedi was relaxing and fun, my boys planned a "birthday craft" to paint masks, and then an early matinee in our basement (with early bedtimes and takeout!)

My 31st year has been good. Learning curves and fun and a baby and a lot of personal growth and figuring it out stuff. I feel good about my direction and development, and am excited to tackle even more. I tried to do more brave things this year (like, I got a piercing! haha. I did it when we went to Miami kind of on a whim. It was in my ear on the tragus and it felt weird and after like 6 months I already took it out because turns out, I have a low tolerance for unnecessary annoying things and this sort of annoyed me. The act of getting a piercing was more important than keeping it though, so I still feel good about the decision. Also, I did some funny stuff with my girlfriends and it was brave and unruly and I believe I'm going to do seek out some more mischievousness this next year too!)

I have a kind husband and three healthy children and a passion/work project with video making (with time to pursue it) and food and energy and health and family and friends and so so so much. I hope my gratitude shines from me because that's truly how I feel. 

Favorite books I read were Between the World and Me & My Life on the Road. Favorite movie I saw this year was... Star Wars? I don't know, I have a terrible memory for things. Favorite podcast was Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History (and always Freakonomics.) Favorite memory was watching EZ and Sully welcome Moses into the family of brothers. Favorite songs were ones I could dance to (Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop this Feeling is a good one), favorite food is Sushi (but I'm verging on dietary changes because I've read books that are convincing me it's time to do some thangs. I keep meeting vegans all over in my life!)  Favorite trip was to Miami with Matt or Zion with the Thorup fam (or right after my birthday when I went to Boston!) 

I have plans to keep making more videos. Write more. Not have a baby this year, but double down on the boys I do have living in my home. Visit NYC or Europe. Start saving for a 7 year goal to visit NZ. Budget better (time and money.) Learn something new from Skillshare subscription. Get closet doors in my bedroom. Hike more, maybe even some backpacking. Gather the people more, because I love the people. And live loudly and kindly and bravely. 

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