Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Christmas Card

We Thorups in '16 were a nice raucous bunch
A baby! A job change! A brotherly punch!
(But hopefully not in the face. punks.)
Oh, brothers. Hermanos. There are three of them now.
The five year old EZ brings with him the WOW!
He's lively and social and started Pre-K
An eye surgery only kept him down for a day.
Sully, the scampiest, is two nearing three
His voice and his dance moves fill us with glee.
He's also the loudest, so cover your ears
there's no volume control (but plenty of cheers!)
Then Moses. Oh Mosey! Our littlest bro
The swarm descends often on sweet baby Mo.
Squishy at 6 months, and crawling by 10
He's simply happy to be here time and again.
Carla...she mother'd. And she mother'd hard.
Ev'n through rage filled chaos...uhhh... which we'll skip in this card ;)
She filmed and made videos all the year through,
and found a knack to keep going, and not bid it adieu.
Matt, our best Redbeard, had seasons of growth
with his facial hair, career... well actually both.
He said bye to the Mouse, a sad wave in the air,
and thankfully found happy with his new office, ChAIR.
We traveled a little, and loved ourselves silly,
and have held on to HOPE when all seems willy-nilly.

We wish you a Christmas filled with both chaos and peace,
and together, together, the love will increase.

Much love to you & yours,
The Thorup Family

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