Saturday, October 22, 2016

summah summah summahtime

It was not always easy to take three kids out and about during the summer (especially near water when none of them can swim without their floaties) but we did it over and over with the companionship of friends and family. Moses is a good baby and he slept well in the stroller while we hit the pool for hours and thankfully went with the flow most of the time. EZ started jumping in by himself (with floaties) but each time we went he'd get braver and is getting more comfortable in the water. We planned weekly dates with my gal pals Melanie, Megan, and Krystal and spent a lot of time wrangling kids and chatting. 
 Matt's office took us all to Seven Peaks for a night (and I remembered how nervous I am on slides - and my boys did too. Bunch of cautious peeps in our crew.) Josh came with so Matt could have a brave partner for some of the steeper ones.

For Rac's 30th birthday a few ladies spent the day at Jordanelle paddle boarding, eating, and celebrating (even with crazy winds for the first part of the day.)

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