Tuesday, August 2, 2016

sully bear at 2.5

Sullivan is nearing that two and a half year old age and it's what we'd call... cray cray.  He is SO different from his older brother in a lot of ways, but then he does something that is super similar... so they're still bros. And bros who are almost friends! I see glimpses every day of friendliness in "Sully! Come see this!" or "Where EZ? I need him" or "Mom! Look what we made!" and it feels like we're starting to make it to that mythical land where two older siblings work together toward the same goal instead of constantly de-railing the other's play. And Sully... oh man, he's great at de-railing and also making a whole new rail! He toes the line all the time between too young and old enough, but I think I even see excitement from them both that the tide might be changing. (Well, at least as much as the tide can change between siblings "playing" and not just annoying. It'll be a life long journey!)

Sullivan has an expansive vocabulary and talks all the time now. You have to pay attention to try to make out every word though, because he might say the right word but use the wrong letter sounds. "Look a tar! (car)" "I fwim? (swim)" But mostly he can be understood even by strangers if they're paying attention, so he's well on his way. He makes the cutest faces, but our favorite is when he's being strong or fighting Darth Vader with a light saber. It's just the sweetest serious face I've ever seen. He likes to wander around during shows or movies, so we can get an hour of stillness before he's back in our grill again. He LOVES sugar and candy and anything sweet and it's been a good reminder to me how much I can contribute to my kids' poor habits if we have too much of it around (so we've removed a bunch of sugar from our regular rotation because this kid won't quit!) He just walks over to you and in this nice perky voice says "I have tandy!?" It actually works sometimes because it's so freakin' cute too. EZ loves TV and Sully loves sugar, so I guess we'll see where these vices take us ;)

We held a goodbye party for his binkie (boo) a month ago, and now that it's over we're fine, but it was rough on all of us for like 2 full weeks. Sully will eventually be okay after big changes, but I've learned that it will take him longer to adjust than what I might expect. It was the same with a bottle, then a big boy bed, now his binkie, and maybe in the next few months potty training. He's stubborn and strong willed and sensitive to when we get mad or frustrated, so cries for any and all of those reasons. And when I say "cries" I mean loudly wails (it actually hurts the ears.) But just when I think I can't take the spiciness, he counters it with some hilarious quip or chubby face and we're all on the same team again. He is not specific about "his" things like EZ is, and once we get over the hump of whatever he is wanting, he is easily distracted with something else.

Sully already has solid fine motor skills since he colors and cuts and plays with legos alongside EZ and I, and can make some pretty cool things all by himself. We're past the phase where I'm worried he'll swallow something, but he's still super messy and not always safe so if we're not watching him closely it can lead to some interesting situations. He lives for adventurous activities as long as he's safely within our distance and yells "I excited!!" while scrunching his fists by his face and he fully commits to that feeling (and his excitement and happiness is so contagious!)  He is naked a lot because he's either spilled something all over his clothing (water! milk! cereal! literally anything he possibly can!) or because he needed a diaper change and I haven't gotten to it yet and so he just takes off his pants himself.

He does well playing by himself as long as there's no one around to harass, and always asks about whoever is missing "Where daddy?" "Where EZ?" "When EZ come home?" He's starting to notice when EZ gets to go to parties or play dates without him, and there's some tears involved occasionally. He is good at announcing after he poops, but we're trying to change it to before he poops to ease us into potty training. He's animated and clever and almost always happy (mischievously so too.) He loves his brothers and is constantly next to EZ or Moses or both and just always wants to be in someone's business. He's also in between naps... and falls asleep all the time on his own when he doesn't nap, but sometimes I can bribe him to actually nap in his bed. He also got a huge fat lip from getting hit by a swing and was black and purple for a few days (and thankfully it didn't knock any of his teeth... because it basically could have.) I like this kid so much.

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