Monday, August 1, 2016

Mo Baby @ almost 6 months

Moses has almost been with us for 6 months! What a trip. I would wait until he's actually 6 months in a few weeks on Aug 6th to write this, but it's just hit a miss when I have actual time to sit down and do any of this record keeping stuff, so now is now.

First, he's the sweetest. I know everyone says that about every baby ever known to man, but it's hard to NOT say it about Mo. He goes with the flow 95% of the time and the other 5% he's crying because he's hungry or tired. He is so hilariously pathetic and can't roll hardly at all, but it's not because he's too fat or anything, he just doesn't. I mean, if I prop him up on his arms just so then his heavy head will carry him down to his back, but mostly he's like a little log. A happy log though, so by all means stay un-moving as long as your heart's content little man. (well, I wrote this 4 days ago and in those four days, he's decided to roll quite a lot actually! it's so cuuuuute!) He lives to do the baby things like sucking on his hands, blowing spit bubbles, and grasping hair on anyone's head and holding on for dear life. I can tell he's completely enthralled with what those two larger boys who are always around him and sometimes loving but mostly aggressively so towards him are doing. They still ask to hold him almost every day and I'm so glad his brothers still dig him.

Mos is such a quiet sleeper that he still sometimes camps in our bedroom (although the bassinet is getting tight! so this may not last much longer.) Usually I put him down in our room, transfer him to his crib after the other two boys are asleep, and then he wakes up once a night between 3:30-5am and then he'll either stay in our room afterward or I'll put him back in the crib. So far all three in one room is going mostly fine, so we'll just knock on wood and keep praying that it'll work and they won't wake each other up on the regular. (honestly, the noisy screamer is Sully... so he's who we're alway watching on high alert regarding sleeping.)

Moses will take naps anywhere, and we're all so appreciative for that. We go to the pool, the splashpad, the park, or on walks and he'll always fall asleep in his stroller or carseat at least an hour at a time. He plays, I feed him, he sleeps, he wakes up and plays again and then we pack up and leave (I have a one feeding maximum on our adventures these days.) My milk supply has been struggling to keep up with him, so once a day I'm supplementing while we try to increase my supply. I hope it works, because this same scenario played out with Sully and I weaned by 9 months and I was sad. I love nursing (and also hate cleaning bottles tbh.) We just started real food as he's been lunging for food when it's in his reach. Oh! I did let him suck on a crisp pickle the other night before I had given him any food as I was making dinner because he just needed something, and then I realized later that a pickle was the very first thing he's tasted besides breastmilk! hahaha. He seemed to be excited about it, but it's just funny to think of how salty it is. And since he's the third child we just laugh about it instead of being all finicky about "rules" of feeding conduct. Now he's had oatmeal, squash, carrots, and isn't slowing down.  He still loves to be snugged, but since it's summertime it's harder to wear him in a wrap or carrier because we both overheat. Although, he does love it the most and I should do it more often just because we both love the time together.

He makes this high pitched "Ahhh-uh!" sound when he's babbling to us and it's the best. He also loves keeping his mouth wide open when he's looking at someone either to smile or gab or suck on something. He likes the pool and kicks a lot in the bath. He also does this cute thing sometimes when changing his diaper where he crosses his ankles really tight and keeps his legs straight and it's really great. I like getting to know this new person in our family. And by the time I write about him next I'm sure he'll be rolling everywhere and sitting up and eating food whenever he can because time is a'moving!

He also has this sweet little fuzzy head and the hair is getting longer all the time, and he still looks like both me and Matt at different times, but is holding his own look most of the time. He's starting to copy us when we blow bubbles with our lips or smack them together, and it's just the best. I get overwhelmed with how much I like him and want to squeeze him extra hard whenever I can. And basically want to take a bite because he's delicious.

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