Tuesday, August 23, 2016

9 minutes of extraordinary ordinary

i took a bunch of cell phone footage one day at the beginning of this month because it just sort of felt like a significant insignificant day, like so many of our days right now with me as a stay at home mom of three young kids. ez being the big kid, the way sully talks right now, and even some kicking legs of a nursing moses make it so exceptional and i'm very thankful i have it.

it's not every day i marvel in our everyday, but i do try. so there's that. and also, it's funny to have spent so much time online last week when i posted my previous mormony post, when realistically this is what days look like around here. it was difficult to spend time responding or being engaged in conversations bigger than routine while also keeping children alive and happy, but i'm grateful for both sides of the coin. one day i won't be a stay at home mom, but i'm glad i am now. i also think i have plenty of time to do it all but not all at once. and i like the idea of seasons of life, because knowing some things will end hopefully makes us appreciate them all the more. and i can appreciate right now but also the loveliness of horizons.

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