Wednesday, July 6, 2016

update on the almost-five-year-old

Oh, EZ. What a kid. I want to write about him so I don't forget about him at this age.

EZ is turning five this month and it's showing all over his body. He has these long lean legs and seems to be growing taller each month. His feet are starting to stink as well as his head from the sweat of his active life, and we try to bathe or at least wipe him down every night before bed but it's hard to keep up. He crashes hard around 7:30pm if he doesn't nap, and is still my best and most solid sleeper. He has taken to the top bunk well and uses a star wars blanket instead of his green baby blanket at night (but he keeps it nearby along with all of his 5 animals lined up very specifically in order each night.) He lives for structure with "plans" each day and doing the same types of repetitive things during bedtime. But he's also getting pretty good at adapting when we change plans or things don't go his way, at least when he's not overly tired or hungry. He is very kind and loving with Moses and is really trying to get along better with Sully, but iiiiiit's not always easy with a two year old (we're all feeling this one.) I find him saying stuff like "I like things clean and tidy!" and he is good at politely throwing up when he's car sick (which still happens every time we go to the mountain roads or even more.) He's also obsessed with shows and drives me insane with how often he asks for a show or when are we going to watch a show or how about after lunch or maybe while we're eating lunch or can we watch one when dad is home from work or just one before bed and on and on and on. He has no stopping point either, and he'll miss out on life because he just can't stope tuning in when any type of show is on.  I'm tempted to get rid of TV for a while because it seems to be creating poor habits in the kid, but then he whips out a song or a fact that he's learned from a show and maybe he actually loves them because he's learning and engaging, not just checking out. i think it'd still do us some good to quit them for a while, but one hard thing at a time (right now it's taking away sully's binkie, so everything else is out.) He has a sketchbook where Matt is trying to teach him about art & they occasionally have drawing nights, and every so often he pulls it out by himself and we are delighted by what he can draw & how much he remembers since he's not using references.  We've lost two pairs of glasses & he complains a lot about having to do things by himself (he's beyond social, so this being alone or cleaning alone or playing alone is sometimes a huge feat.) He always has something to say and usually reports to any person (adult or kid or man or woman or lamp post i swear) about the happenings of his life. We can sense he gives up easily when things are hard for him (like right now riding his bike with training wheels is harder than riding his scooter, so he always chooses the scooter because he's already good at it.) He still lives for playing with his cousins or friends and will eat anything i put in front of him (except basagna (lasagna) because he's "allergic" but really he just doesn't like it.) If i make anything into a game it'll go over better than asking him directly to do something, and if we add a story into it all the better. He can carry a tune and has a sweet little voice, and remembers songs well & often repeats Daniel the Tiger songs when we're doing the activity that was sung about. He's trying to tell more jokes but doesn't quite grasp how they work, but that does not stop him from trying! He always asks for the "I hate to leave you" song each night and I love that he came up with the name himself for that particular one. He does not like the dark and has up to three night lights in his room, and will put his hands in his mouth or twist his shirt when he's nervous. He's stopped dressing up as much which we feel sad about, but it's not gone forever because he loves playing "family" and will still surprise us with plenty of great costume choices when he's really invested. He asked me to read a bunch of the information plaques at the Dino museum the other day, which is a first since we've been going there (he usually is just there for the play stuff, but seems to be turning a corner on wanting more information lately.) He's confident and feels important and sometimes that makes him mean to other kids, but he's quick to apologize and is learning that he doesn't always need the biggest or first to feel his best. He loves to be carried to bed each night and still snuggles up close daily. He also lets us know when he's feeling sensitive (usually after he's gotten hurt) and when he needs to "take a rest" before he heads back into an activity. He went to rock climbing camp last week and loved it so much and keeps asking when we can go back. we're thinking of getting a pass just to have a fun family activity.

we love him so much. it's easy to get super frustrated with him because i expect so much from him, but he's such a big helper and brother and he's kind and funny and smart and clever and festive. oh man is he festive! he lives for a good celebration and life is a party with this kid around.

hiking EZ
ez with cousin katie at his rock climbing camp (on wacky hair wednesday!)
his cute freckled face (with an example of his cute wonky eye)
loving his baby Mosy & his mama  

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