Wednesday, July 6, 2016

hello there.

i have so much to write. out of love and devotion, but also because it's frightening how quickly i am forgetting the wonderfulness of life. moments so incredible how could i possibly ever forget them? and then a week goes by and i have thousands of other thoughts replacing the one before and i see even the best ones trying to escape me.

life basically consists of all-day adventures or never stepping foot out of the house. we're living in extremes because i've never been good at moderation, and it may be something that will pass on to our kids. i know how to pack my van and stay out for more than 10 hours and not have a single meltdown, and i also am learning when to call it quits when one of us needs to just go home. summer is breathing down it's hotness and we're mostly doing fine this year. I try one pool day a week and maybe a splashpad or park another day, and in between invite myself into the lives of my friends or family to spend days with people we like. we always feel best when we have a day with Matt around, but we're in a busy season again with freelance work (on top of regular work) and so we're taking it as it comes and not trying to force the togetherness.

when it's good, it's good. and when it's bad, it's bad. remember, not good at moderation.

we stay up too late to attempt a few minutes by ourselves, but then are tired the next day and the cycle perpetuates. i'm trying to get into yoga but it's slow and go. matt is in a good vibe with drawing & taking some online courses to keep it fresh. today Moses turned 5 months and i didn't even get a picture to celebrate his day (i'll do it tomorrow!) because that's what happens when you're the third kid. i did girl's camp a few weeks back and tomorrow i'm taking the activity days girls to a day camp, so even though i have three boys i'm still plenty involved with the girls. we sent sully's binky (boo!) away yesterday and it hasn't been the easiest, but slowly he's getting used to it "my boo?! is it wost?" it's tender and heartbreaking and we're glad it's been done even if it's hard. we lost another pair of glasses for ez, but he just got new ones and they're cute but heaven help us that we don't lose another.

most of my camera roll is of my kids smothering each other or partially clothed. they've started occasionally bathing together and it's so nice to have three nekked boys in tub. it's a good season of life with young kids clobbering us, and even when we have downer days or sad/mad/annoyed nights, it's all good. because really, it's all good.

here are two instas from this week to prove the goodness.

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