Sunday, June 5, 2016

Prince EZ's spring performance

EZ finished off a year at Clayton Production company with a spring performance as prince charming (although... they are pirate jake costumes because apparently prince ones were hard to find ha!) His Christmas performance was a good time, and this spring one has been fun too (although a lot of time, and we have decided not to do it again next year for now.) Grandparents & some cousins came to support some of the performances (thanks everyone!) and I'm pretty sure EZ's favorite part was how many times we went out to dinner or for ice cream afterwards. He crushed his final performance (wish I had video taped that one since it was a good one!) and then for the "Someday my Prince will come" song I went on stage with him and danced him around in a circle & he said that was his favorite part. He's a sweet kid & I'm glad he liked this program and we'll see what we decide to try next year! 

*make sure the video settings are up to 1080HD for best quality!*

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