Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mo baby @ three months

Moses is a dream boy. He sleeps and eats wonderfully, and has started to sleep longer stretches at night so we're not quite zombie status every day. He has the best concerned/sad face, but has started giving sweet smiles and even a few tiny laughs lately too. He's officially three months old this week, and still mostly sleeps in our room in his bassinet, but we've been trying out the crib in the boys' room a little bit too (can we do it!? can we have three boys in ONE bedroom and get enough sleep!? haha.)

He usually is calm and can be calmed easily (unlike Sully!), but once he gets startled he's at 100. Wailing more than crying, and he does this "mom cry" that my own mother & Matt & EZ have dubbed when he sort of says "Maaaaaaaa! Maaaaaa!" and he really only wants me to snug him real tight. He definitely wants me more than my other kids in terms of "mama's boy" and looooves to be held so tight that if he's not on the verge of smothered, he's not happy enough. He calms immediately when he's tired & ready for bed if he has a soft blanket next to his cheek, and is a very silent sleeper (another reason he's still sleeping in our room, he's not really a bother.) He lives for the solly wrap because it keeps him nice and tight against me and it's sometimes the only way to get anything done with three children around. He's started smiling at EZ and Sully and it only encourages them to kiss him even more than they already do (which is sweet & still terrifying for him.)

He looks a lot like his brothers when he's asleep, but has his own look when he's awake (although he's more EZ than Sully.) His dark blue eyes are big & awake and he's looking around more and more. He startles easy & seems to have a fear of open spaces. When we're in too large of a room or he's looking outside for too long his eyes get really wide and fear overcomes him and it seems like his world has gotten too big, and the only way to calm him down is to make it smaller by holding him against my chest tightly (and I tell him he's safe & the world is small, but I'm not sure that actually helps him - it's probably more for me.) Three months already. Just speedy speedy with this third baby, but we're all obsessed and he fits right in. 

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