Sunday, May 8, 2016

mama's day 2016

this ride is wild. chaos and love and tears and smiles and all of it making us grow and stretch and hopefully be more awesome. even the bad days end good. the good days end best. and i feel so thankful to have three healthy boys who adore me as their mama. (and matt does a great job adoring me too, and his boys since their ours and not mine i guess ;) 

added some heavenly mother to a favorite song, attended church where the messages were beautiful and loving, and then snugged each boy on and off all day for various reasons before we hung out at dee dee's. it was a lovely day (although matty bear got an insane migraine and that's sad.) oh! and i got an instant pot pressure cooker thingy for myself, so maybe i'll get down with my bad self in the kitchen this week & make some food.

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