Sunday, May 8, 2016


he comes in sweaty from running the street with friends. he's riding a big bike with training wheels & climbing trees unprompted. he's still very cautious trying new things, but also brave & crazy & tender too. he has a very sensitive heart when he has feelings of being left out or remorse or gets injured. he got a sliver the other day and just kept saying "I'm just scared, mama!" while he was crying. he feels in a big way, and i like that about him even when i think it will cause frustration in the future. he's getting taller all the time & is skinny as a bean pole. his freckles are amazing and his cheeks are still so smooth to the kiss. he talks so much during pretend play that we end up barely playing, but he comes up with wild scenarios that are very detailed and he has to explain everything to you, so it's very distracting when i ask him to "just play." ha. i expect too much from him some days because he's the oldest, but also he can do so much by himself that sometimes i need to push him more. not yet 5 years old, but definitely entering boyhood right before our eyes.

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