Friday, April 15, 2016

ez breezy & suwwybear


These two. They are either the best of friends or worst of friends, and they know how to do both splendidly. EZ talks so much and tries to rhyme a lot of the time when making up songs. He places jokes with impeccable timing (you choose lickin'!) and has started dressing himself more often and chooses the best accessories. He likes to accessorize Sully too, so it's nice when they both have hats or necklaces and it does limit the fighting when they're on the same page (and they look CUTE.) He needs more mental stimulation now that he's 4.5, but isn't in preschool or anything so I think it sometimes expresses itself in naughtiness or boredom. He'll start preschool this fall after he turns 5 (so he'll start a year later in school), and has started writing letters more often and "spelling" words (made up like rldrlf.) Sully is just the stickiest child. He is always covered with all sorts of dirty by the end of the day and on more than one occasion has caused EZ to gag by just being covered in food. (EZ does gag easily, but when Sully charged at him covered in Cheeto hands - he just started gagging and yelling for help! ha!) They ride scooters daily and fight over lap space (especially while I'm nursing, it's a cozy way to nurse!) EZ's freckles are so great & Sully has a dozen or so of his own too. EZ's hair is getting darker brown but Sully's seems to be staying lightly red/blonde. When they talk to each other it's the best because Sully still can't be totally understood, but EZ gets it anyway (or screams at him and scares him into crying, because that happens too.) Bedtimes have finally gotten easier and they go down together with very little fight, and Sully doesn't scream or wake up as much as he used to (thank goodness.) I like when they're homies.

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