Wednesday, March 9, 2016

one month of Moses!

Moses is great. So great. Right now he's sleeping next to me in his bassinet and sometimes I can see it rock back and forth quite violently because he's doing some head shaking while asleep. Oh, and pretend sucking too, so his lips pucker on and off too and it's all too sweet. 

He fits right in to the Thorup scene because he looks like us and allows all the smothering we want. (I write that like he has a choice! Sucker!) He sucks his bottom lip in just like both his brothers, and is mostly grumpy/concerned most of the time. Just this week I've caught two smiles, but mostly he's concerned. Even while sleeping I can't coax a milk drunk smile or anything, so he either knows how close his brothers constantly are and is terrified, or he's just a hard sell. 

Matt made his birth announcement so I can keep it on my fridge forever just like the other two. We spent each night just staring at how cute he is and kissing his face over and over.

Sully calls him "Mo baby" in his tiny 2 year old voice, and EZ has taken to calling him "Mosey." They are still very obsessed with him and I rarely get to nurse him without having both of us mauled by hands and kisses. Mos has been a champion eater & sleeper, and besides having some goopy eyes from clogged tear ducts for a few weeks, has been easy. He's sweet and not fussy and is easily comforted. He's a lot like EZ was as a baby and actually looks more like him than Sullivan as well. He loves the solly wrap when he's snugged tight, until he's ready to be out and then he does his high squeaky cry that I remember from the first few days at the hospital. His acne is coming in right on time, and maybe some cradle cap too. He doesn't love bathing yet, but is calm and alert when he showers with one of us. 

 Always so concerned (and red! he's such a red skinned baby still!) Oh, and furry too! His shoulders and ears are impressively hairy.
He's already been out and about a lot in his little life because the other kids need activities. So we library or zoo or park regularly, and he so far has just been chill and wonderful through it all. I even took him to a really loud Alison Show dance party last night and he just slept through it all in my wrap and was just the cutest. Thankfully my recovery has been SO much better than my other two births, so I'm living it up that I feel so good after such a short time! I can see how women can have more babies and get up and walk around quicker, this 2nd VBAC has been good to me!

Oh baby Moses. I'm so glad you're around. 

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