Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ez says

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight to get some duvet cover clips because I've HAD it with duvets! So maybe this will salvage my relationship with my covers. (Also! We tried the "California Roll" technique with getting the cover on - and it works! google it!) But while we were there we checked out the Star Wars section & the boys went nuts over all the stuff. After asking for everything they picked up, EZ earnestly walks over and asks for a Star Wars blanket. He's needed a new one since he's four and a half & still using his baby blanket & it's too short for his long, lean legs.

We asked him if he really wanted to sleep with it, because yes we would buy it for him if he was sure. He cautiously looks up at us with his pointer finger on his chin and says "Let me warm up to the idea." I don't know if it was actually funny or just parent-funny, but Matt and I thought it was great. He's just such a funny kid & always uses such great words and phrases, I hope we don't forget too many of his good ones.

*Update!* He came out of his room the next morning and said, "Mom! My new blanket kept me as warm as the sun! All night!" He's so enthusiastic and great. (He also says "I'm as tired as the moon!" at night when he wants us to carry him to his bed. I like that one.)

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