Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend!

It's funny how much Easter turns into bunnies and eggs and candy with kids around, all while trying to point to Jesus and His story and make it more important than the other stuff (yet it all sort of merges into one experience when there's eggs at church and Jesus movies at home and I wonder what actually comes out on the other side of their memories/brains.)

We had a fantastic weekend together and the house is a wreck & we're all sleeping off the sugar today as we come down from the festivities. Dyeing & eating hard boiled eggs, scavenger & egg hunts, new bug nets & toy light sabers, attended church for the 1st time with all 5 of us - and stayed the whole time, even if the adults didn't want to ;) It was a full weekend and left us feeling very grateful. So much to be grateful for in this big world.
 and then Mo woke up and they were all nekked and I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF (and neither can they with their baby.)

hahahahhahaha ^^^ this is so nuts but I bet so many parents' camera rolls look like this.

 Easter last year looked similar with how much EZ snugs his hermanos, no? Sully's exact face! (but as you can also see, he's taking to snuggin' his newest brother just fine.)

Easter dinner & party at Melina's house with all the cousins, delicious food, and egg hunt, and Grandma Nell making a customized bear (she used actual old shirts!) for each kid. It was a VERY fun night for all!

All 5 of us. I like seeing pictures like this because sometimes it's unbelievable that we have three boys, but then I see this and I'm so stoked! They're so great! And have such great facial expressions!

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  1. Mo's face makes me all squealy inside! He's just the sweetest little frowner!