Monday, February 1, 2016

Our January 2K16

Just some phone snaps of our January while it's fresh. And since ya know, I'm just waiting for this baby... which is proving to be one of THE MOST difficult things to do. Sincerely, my patience has never been stretched so thin and I just want my baby on my chest & a few days away from my other children so I can stop being so un-patient with them. I mean, am I being dramatic? YES, OF COURSE I AM. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and measuring much riper... and life has some stuff in store but it can't get started until this baby comes so I'm just ready and so is our household. Okay, deep breath. I'm so thankful he's healthy and comfortable and I will continually pray for him to get out now. 

So... in no particular order: Selfies at midnight since we all made it while partying at a friend's house (after over an our of Cards of Humanity... embarrassed face//cry laugh face emojis.) Tired, pregnant selfies with my boys while we just survive this month. Sleeping selfies & Sully's caveman feet. He's such a baby still, but I know he'll feel huge once the new one gets here. 

Dress-up game is still strong over here, and Sully's REALLY picked up on his posing. Also we're still attempting arts & crafts and it's super hilarious how different they behave. Sully is all game for messiness and EZ won't even spill a drop on himself or anything. 

Birthday month was strong! Special Grandma Dee Dee turned 90!! She's the best. And Matt turned 31!! And my BFFs baby girl Olive Rae was born too! So lots of reasons to celebrate in January!
Oh Sully. He's such a punk around bedtime still... we'll never know how to tame the beast I fear. But oooooooh he's cute (especially with a hair cut.) And occasionally when they're not being the worst, these two boys are real nice brothers. EZ likes them to match their clothes or PJs & they're really attempting to play more, which gives us some hope for the future of best friendship. (Please bless they will love each other.)  
And now we can start this love month and have a baby SOON? Yes, please!

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