Saturday, February 13, 2016

Holy Moses!

He's here!! And he's already 1 week old today! We've been in that hazy newborn dreamland this week.

Moses Judd Thorup
Feb 6th @ 3:10pm
9.0 lbs // 19.5 in
white blonde hair
squishy delicious
nicknames: Mo, Moe, Mos, Moz, Mosy, Mosby, Mojo... and anything else that comes to us.

The name Moses is by choice (I actually do like a biblical verse about Moses, but not necessarily why we chose it) & Judd is a family name from my side (my Great Grandma Judd lived til she was 101! From 1900 until 2001. And we spent most summers stopping in Kanab at her house (where she hand stitched all of her carpet rugs) on our way to AZ to visit my Grandma - Geraldine Judd Boerup - and it brings back fond family memories of car trips & sassy great grandma comments. My mom and grandma helped me choose it and I like that it carries such meaning.)

Grandpa & Bibi bought EZ & Sully these "super big brother" shirts (with capes!) and they were SO STOKED to come to the hospital a few hours after Moses' arrival. They flew around the halls & charmed the nurses & brought wonderfully colorful cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday to Moses on his "Zero Birthday" as EZ liked to call it. They were clamoring over the baby & haven't stopped since being home. EZ asks to hold him or comes over and kisses him dozens of times each day, and Sully will grab our hand and lead us to "baby!" whenever Mo isn't in sight & then plant kiss after kiss on his head. I am a little surprised at their warm reception, but am SUPER grateful. All every parent wants in the world is for their kids to like each other, so we're thrilled about this first week.
Family of five! Three boys! We're feeling very happy about all of this.

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