Tuesday, December 8, 2015

family showers

one of my favorite things we've been doing the past few months has been our (ez dubbed) FAMILY SHOWERS! basically it's just a regular 'ol shower, but three people in it at the same time and it always feels like a big ta-da for the boys. matt and i take turns showering with both kids at once and although it can be a tight fit, it's really very sweet. and it's fun because the kids are young enough that bodies are just bodies and being naked is NBD, and especially hilarious right now because my 30+ week baby belly is in the mix. sully takes turns being held & snuggin' right up on our shoulders or being on the ground going thru the "water tunnel" or playing on the "tubby floor" with his brother (ez literally has names for everything he does in life.) it feels like such an intimate and natural thing to do with kids, but i know it won't last forever because eventually i'm the only girl in this soon-to-be-family-of 5 and will probably be kicked out from family showers once they really comprehend anatomy. but right now when he calls my chest "elbows" and we take turns spitting water at each other and peeps and bums are just hilarious contraptions on our bodies, i'm going to soak it all in (literally, ha.) matt may not be as sentimental about it as i am, but he always comments about the sweetest moments they have together (but he is not as good as toweling them off without my help... ha. always a bit stressed about that part of it. so maybe that's a learned skill i've picked up?!)

plus it's awesome to see how tall and skinny ez is becoming while sully is holding on to his buddha belly & baby chub just a little longer (oh! he has the sweetest bum!) having little kids is exhausting and even miserably hard sometimes, but their innocence and light is such a pleasure to be around.

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