Friday, December 18, 2015

EZ's Christmas Performances!

We decided to channel EZ's natural stage presence & showmanship into a singing & dancing class this year (since we didn't do preschool or anything else with a schedule.) So once a week he's been going to his class & learning cute reindeer songs to perform during this Christmas season. They've performed 3 times (two different malls & the Dickens Festival) and will have their final company performance this weekend. These performances have been full of super proud & fun parenting moments as he's been pumped for every concert & has done things a little differently at each one too ;) 4 year olds! They're hilarious and adorable and they don't even KNOW how much everyone enjoys watching them. He's such a ham up there & also switches from being super serious & coordinated to being completely distracted by lights or the girls dancing next to him. And when he launches his antlers into the audience during the Dickens Festival performance is something we'll never forget. Just SO funny. (Also, we lost his glasses! So he had them for the first show & not for the rest. We're ordering another pair next week though since he still needs them as of his eye appointment this week.)

(oh, and Sully has loved watching most of them and then does stuff like this ^ in between too, ha!)

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