Sunday, December 27, 2015

christmas morn 2015

I have a lot of video footage of our day that I'm editing together, but I don't have as many photos because of it. It's hard to pay attention to capturing moments when you're trying to stay IN them, and especially capture video and photos at the same time. But oh! Christmas! It's always a good time. We had an especially memorable one with tons of beautiful snow & some clever presents (haha... & a foiled prank) between Matt and myself. The boys were stoked about their ATVs, but haven't really had a chance to drive them too much because of the aforementioned snow (but it's okay, we'll take snow on Christmas any chance we can get it!!) They cruise around the garage and driveway a little every day, and of course have plenty of other toys to keep them entertained. Favorites were definitely the bikes, the door basketball hoop, and new train & helicopter toys. Matt and I both have our wrists adorned with an apple product now, and some nice practical gifts too. I set a goal to earn all the Christmas budget by making videos for people, and by golly, I did it! So I was especially proud of that & also extra thankful for Matt and his hard work over the last year to continue paying off any accrued debt & send us on a few vacations this year too. We hope everyone had wonderful celebrations with their loved ones & had some quiet moments to think about the Savior's birth & the love that we can show for each other. Merry Christmas! 
Oh, and this elephant picture was one of the only ones I took at my in-law's house, but it's worth sharing because of his face. We love new dress-ups! 

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