Monday, November 30, 2015

30 weeks with mr. no name

I feeeeeeeeel like maybe I'm bigger this time around? Hahahahaha it seems like I look full term when I really have a good two months ahead of us (or more!) This baby boy is mostly ignored as I tend to all that is life, but every day I make sure to focus on him once or twice as he moves about right at the very front of my belly button and startles Matt with his huge, jerky movements. It seems like it's a really thin barrier between him and my belly button, so we see obvious movements all the time and it actually sort of hurts if that part of my stomach gets jabbed (like from an elbow from EZ ... that one actually brought tears to my eyes last week!)
We have the mantel and some of the house decorated for Christmas, but no tree until later this week. I feel the tendency to hibernate settling in, but know it's impossible with all that we have going on. My sweet angel mother took me & my sister maternity clothes shopping a few weeks ago to get some new things that will fit us until the end, so at least I don't feel the depression of not having a single thing that fits me (although a lot of home days are spent in my trusty gray sweatshirt and either gray sweats or black leggings, because that's a staple I know how to wear.)

We can't even decide on a name but like, we can't even think of a name we like either. Or really, we don't even really discuss it much because it doesn't seem fun yet. I knew EZ and Sully at like 19 weeks, so I'm having a hard time envisioning my future baby because I don't know his name! He might be baby Moe... or Mo... or Ro... or not? Womp. We'll see.

It's been more laborious to be pregnant this time around, and I feel larger than I ever got with Sully (even if that's not technically true yet, just you wait... I know it will be!) But the baby is wonderful & it seems fast and slow that it's two months away. Three boys. What a funny thing! We're having them sleep in the same room upstairs as Matt and I aren't ready to give up our office spaces... so we'll see if that works! It's fun to "plan" things as a parent and then just have to wait and see if any of it even makes sense.

I have MAJOR heartburn most days and more *ahem* plumbing issues this time around, but also make it to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and am trying to keep my muscles strong & my body moving through all the growth. EZ is sweet with my belly on occasion and will sing the baby songs or talk to him. Sully has no idea still, and is confused if he should say "belly" or "baby" when he's pointing at his tummy. But woo! We're doing it!

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