Thursday, October 29, 2015

May the (halloween) Force be with you!

Halloween! It's in 2 days! We've already dressed up twice and will do it again twice more!

Luke! Yoda! Leia! Obiwan! Nerds! It's fun being festive, and also fun to have a super talented mother who makes our costumes with such care. And Sully's yoda hat!! Grandpa Warren knitted it just for him and it's just about enough to make my eyes bulge out like I'm on a cartoon falling in love. AWOOOGA! Also, Leia be pregnant! And I'm obsessed with what I look like with those buns on. And doesn't Matt look just like a young Obiwan!? And EZ is SO committed to being a "real jedi" it's the best. I've spammed these photos all over the interweb this week! Also, exclamations!

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