Tuesday, September 22, 2015

let's make that three

We're doing it! We're having another boy! It feels super lucky and unreal all at once and the ultrasound was just as amazing and magical as the other two times. I swear once that little profile shows up and we see the arms start swinging and twitching around the screen, it's like a huge weight of anxiety lifts from me that I wasn't completely aware I was carrying, because it's such a relief and blessing to see a strong healthy baby on that screen. Sometimes I feel like I take it for granted, but then I experience the profoundness again and I realize that although I'm busier and maybe not always doting on the bun in my oven, I m always grateful and aware of the miracle it is to carry a baby.

I will say, I wanted a girl. EZ did too. It does not mean we aren't thrilled with another boy! Just a little disappointed that we didn't get what we want. Feels a little childish, but then again I still feel and behave like a child quite frequently, so the feelings are valid. Also my BFF is having a girl 4 weeks ahead of me (we both currently have 2 boys) and so it would have been fantastic timing... but alas. You can't always get what you want (but you might just find, you get what you neeeeeed! Uh!) It took about 2 days to fully get over that I wasn't having a daughter, and now we're back to stokedville USA about more maleness up in here. Now we just need a name and wait 20 more weeks.

So the ultrasound. We decided to take EZ with us since he understands babies and what not, and so he came and we ditched Sully who doesn't know what's going to happen in his coddled life. We waited for a few minutes before the tech brought us to the back. EZ sat in Matt's lap the whole time & held onto the "sweettarts" and "nutrageous" for the big reveal gift (nutrageous for the win we all yelled!) I laid on the table and lifted my shirt and then she squirted the goo all over my stomach to get started. EZ was SOOOO grossed out by the goo!! He stared at it and then quietly whispered "gross" and then said "how are you going to get that off?!" with THE most disgusted face his four year old body could muster. He couldn't get over it for about 5 minutes, and then half way thru when she squirted more (after a bathroom break), he once again was SUPER grossed out. It was hilarious and classic EZ who hates anything too sticky or gooey, and I'm so glad he was there just for Matt and I to have that memory.

The baby looks great & his profile looks just like one of our boys. There's no question that he's a he, and he cutely kept his hands waving in front of his face nearly the whole time. When the tech announced it would be a baby brother we all cheered & then EZ said "but I wanted it to be a girl!" and then he got his pouty face on. Then he asked why mom was crying and then asked a few more times if it could be a girl? Haha. Good times! Good times.

We all got pumped when we got to call the grands and EZ announced "we saw the baby and got lots of pictures to take home! Oh, and it's a boy." EZ wants to call him dodger, but mostly Bumblebee (from transformers) is what he prefers best. Sully toddles around happy as a scamp and I'm sure will be thrilled too once he is dethroned ;)  February, we can't wait!

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