Monday, August 10, 2015

we went to seattle

I put together this video of our time in Seattle. I'm working on an Oregon one too! 

Matt had 2 weeks comp time from work, so we decided to get super ambitious and roadtrip for 12 days to Seattle (Matt's brother and wife live near there) and then head down to Oregon's coast & forest. It was overall a great trip, and I'm super impressed with my kids. There was not one car melt down! Actually, I was the worst one in the car if we're keeping score. We drove for a total of like 50 hours total over the 12 days and travelled 2300 miles or something cray cray like that. We had so much time to stare at each other and I've decided that it is a privilege to stare at Sullivan's face. It's just so great. And EZ boy is just a little 4 year old buddy, so he can hang like the best of us. Of course this video doesn't have any of the crankiness or the traffic that comes with a road trip because I don't whip out my camera for those moments. One time I did on a trip and Matt and I had a big 'ol fight discussion on what is appropriate and what isn't, and we came to terms with what we want for us, and so we'll stick to glossy videos and keep the crankiness off camera. Which is probably good, because I'm not sure I want a video or photo of me at a restaurant pushing the children away from me and too loudly yelling "just LEAVE ME ALONE." We'll just memorialize that in story ;) 

One thing we learned (among many) was that there is no relief from each other on a trip like this. We literally breathe the same air day and night, and it's really amazing and also exhausting. The first few days home we avoided too much proximity as we acclimatized. 

But oh! We had fun. We'll have buckets of memories and stories in our banks, so that's super cool. 

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  1. I love love loved your video! You're a rock star and your family is so cute! It looks like you had an awesome trip!