Friday, August 14, 2015

we also went to Oregon

If Seattle was big city & lots of touristy spots and traffic, Oregon was the opposite. It took 3 hours longer to get to the coast because of all that blasted Washington traffic, but once we were there everyone just chilled right on out. We opted for an extra day on the coast & an extra day in the Mt Hood forest instead of hitting Portland because we were city'd out for the trip. DJ and Ces tagged along for a few days in Seaside and we ended up having some of the best times on the beach with games & a campfire. Then we hiked in Mt Hood before heading home and it was beautiful and relaxing. EZ entertained us the whole hike with ninja or rescue bot stories & making us "duck and cover" or yelling "ALL CLEAR!" the majority of the time. And Sully got soaked in the water so he got to be naked on the walk down and then fell asleep like HELLO COULD HE GET CUTER?

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